Logbook Servicing

Purchasing a vehicle represents a significant financial investment, which makes maintaining your new car warranty essential for peace of mind. This involves regular logbook services, carried out by a reputable repairer or mechanic.

Our team of qualified tradesmen at Mornington Prestige can conduct these services for you, ensuring that your vehicle remains both safe and reliable and that your warranty remains intact.

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Brake Repairs

Your brakes are arguably the most important safety feature your vehicle has, and suffer more than their fair share of wear and tear, particularly on stop-and-start urban roads.

On top of replacing your worn brake pads and drums as needed, we can also machine new brake discs on-site, ensuring a speedy repair and getting you back on the road sooner, with the confidence of a fresh set of brakes.

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Steering and Suspension

If your vehicle’s ride comfort is suffering a little, or if you’re not happy with your car’s handling, our team at Mornington Prestige can check your vehicle’s steering and suspension system for faults, repairing or fitting replacement parts as required.

We can also adjust your vehicle’s wheel alignment and balancing for increased tyre life, more precise handling and improved road control, as well as fit 4WD upgrades and lift kits.

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Clutch & Transmission

Problems changing gears or staying in gear are typically traced back to trouble brewing in your vehicle’s transmission,
which can quickly become expensive repairs without regular servicing and checks.

We’ll give your vehicle a comprehensive service of its entire drive train, from clutch pedal and hydraulics to repairing or replacing your manual or automatic transmission unit.

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Cooling Systems

A faulty radiator can create serious trouble for your vehicle’s engine, making for an expensive engine rebuild. Keeping your car’s engine cool is as easy as keeping your radiator and cooling system in shape.

We can inspect your car’s cooling system, testing radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat, heater and electronic controls. We will repair and replace faulty parts as required.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

As vehicles’ electronics become more and more sophisticated, only the most dedicated auto electricians can keep up with the latest developments in vehicle technology.

At Mornington Prestige we’re equipped with the latest in diagnostic scan tools to help locate trouble in your vehicle, helping us to conduct repairs quickly and effectively. We’re also on hand to test, repair and replace faulty batteries, starter motors and alternators, install new lighting solutions and other accessories.

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Other Services

We offer a range of additional services at Mornington Prestige, including:

  • Exhaust repairs and replacement
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Car and 4×4 tyre supply and fitting
  • Solar panel and dual battery system installation
  • Windscreen replacement
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